FOIA Number: DOJ-19-0829

News Roundup: Who Stands to Gain?

April 17, 2020
As the administration’s tragically mismanaged response to the coronavirus continues to lurch onward, the answers to that question are more important than ever.
New York City during coronavirus lockdown

Former DOJ Civil Rights Official Acknowledges He Made Incorrect Statement in Sworn Declaration

November 19, 2019
Former Justice Department official John Gore is being forced to revise past statements he made about emails he sent about official business from a personal account.

News Roundup: The Public Needs Answers

October 4, 2019
The pressure on the president and his administration has been even further intensified thanks to the release of damaging text messages sent by government officials.

Former Top Civil Rights Official John Gore Made Misleading Statements in Declaration to Federal Court

October 4, 2019
Gore made clear misrepresentations — and perhaps outright lied — about his communications with a Chicago Republican Party official.

DOJ Declaration of John Gore Regarding Personal Email Use

July 29, 2019
Declaration from the Department of Justice written and signed by John Gore affirming that he has not used a personal email account for official agency business. This declaration was submitted by Gore during a lawsuit with the Brennan Center for Justice and the Protect Democracy Project.

FOIA to DOJ Seeking Declaration of John Gore Related to His Use of Personal Email for Official Purposes

July 10, 2019
FOIA to the Department of Justice seeking declaration executed by John Gore in support of a motion to prevent a search of his personal email accounts for communications concerning official agency business.