FOIA Number: DOJ-FBI-17-0153

DOJ Records Exempt Response to Request for Comey Memos

June 16, 2017
DOJ responded to American Oversight's FOIA request (DOJ-FBI-17-0153) for memos prepared by former Director Comey memorializing conversations with President Trump. The Department issued a records exempt response.

American Oversight Demands Release of Comey-Trump Memos

May 16, 2017
Following yesterday’s startling disclosure of direct interference by President Trump in an ongoing investigation of his administration, American Oversight is seeking records of any attempts by the president to obstruct the FBI investigation into Russian meddling in the election.

FOIA Request to FBI Seeking Comey Memos Memorializing Trump Conversations

May 16, 2017
FOIA to FBI seeking records regarding a memo reported about in the New York Times which contained conversations between President Trump and then-FBI director Comey and any other records memorializing conversations between Comey and Trump.