FOIA Number: ED-18-0005

ED Office of Civil Rights Staffing Records from FY 2017-18

April 6, 2018
Documents from ED containing information related to staffing levels at ED OCR in FY 2017-18 requested by American Oversight following reports that Office of Civil Rights staff will be reduced. The response also responds partly to our FOIA ED-18-0005 because it includes ED OCR staffing levels from FY 2012-16. The response is missing staffing levels for FY 2008-11, which we also requested.

New FOIAs Seek Records of Civil Rights Investigations at Department of Education

January 2, 2018
American Oversight's first 6 FOIA requests of 2018 asked the Department of Education to release records of its handling of civil rights investigations and the management of the Office of Civil Rights under controversial political appointee Candice Jackson.

FOIA Regarding Staffing Levels at the Office of Civil Rights During the Obama Administration

January 2, 2018
FOIA request to the Department of Education seeking information about staffing levels at the Office of Civil Rights in the final years of the Obama administration.