FOIA Number: EPA-19-1061

No Records Response from EPA Regarding Peter Wright’s Communications with Chemical Companies

April 29, 2020
The Environmental Protection Agency stated it had no records in response to our request for Assistant Administrator for EPA’s Office of Land and Emergency Management, Peter Wright, and several large chemical companies, including his former employer, Dow Chemical.

News Roundup: Remain in Mexico’s Harmful Effects and Trump’s Dangerous Impatience

August 30, 2019
Immigration officials frequently don't offer language assistance to asylum-seekers forced to return to Mexico, and Trump's rush for a border wall before 2020 raises concerns.

FOIA to EPA Seeking Peter Wright’s Communications with DowDuPont

August 23, 2019
FOIA to the Environmental Protection Agency seeking communications between former Special Counsel to the Administrator Peter Wright and his former employer, DowDuPont.