FOIA Number: FL-SEN-19-1069

No Records Response from Florida Senate Regarding Attendees to ALEC’s 46th Annual Meeting and Redistricting Workshops

September 18, 2019
The Florida Senate stated that it had no records responsive regarding ALEC’s 46th Annual Meeting and the contents of two redistricting workshops. American Oversight asked for five senators’ records reflecting attendance to ALEC’s 46th Annual Meeting and reflecting the contents of two redistricting-focused workshops.

News Roundup: Remain in Mexico’s Harmful Effects and Trump’s Dangerous Impatience

August 30, 2019
Immigration officials frequently don't offer language assistance to asylum-seekers forced to return to Mexico, and Trump's rush for a border wall before 2020 raises concerns.

Public Records Request to Florida Senate Asking for Records from a 2019 ALEC Conference

August 26, 2019
Public records request to Florida Senate asking for records reflecting the contents of and attendees to the 46th American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Annual Meeting, held August 14-16, 2019 in Austin, Texas, including workshops on redistricting.