FOIA Number: GA-GLYNN-20-2471

How State Voting Restrictions Perpetuate Voter-Fraud Lies and Continue Efforts to Undermine the 2020 Election

June 4, 2021
Top officials — including Georgia’s Gabriel Sterling — who stood firm against former President Trump’s stolen-election lies have nonetheless avoided criticizing, or have even voiced support for, anti-democratic voting restrictions.

News Roundup: Power Failures and Power Plays

February 18, 2021
Severe winter weather swept across the nation this week, wiping out power for millions. And several states unleashed a new wave of voting-restriction measures.

Georgia Officials Confirm: Voting by Mail Is Secure, Accurate

October 24, 2020
Documents obtained by American Oversight reveal that in private, Georgia's secretary of state’s office admitted that “systematic checks stop double voting from happening, and those checks appear to be largely working as intended.”

Glynn County, Ga., Elections Supervisor Response to Request for Records Concerning State Absentee Ballot Fraud Task Force

October 6, 2020
Records from Glynn County, Georgia, in response to American Oversight's request for records concerning the Georgia Absentee Ballot Fraud Task Force. These records include a cover letter from Glynn County Elections Supervisor and Task Force member Chris Channell that mentions signature mismatch on ballots.

Records Request to Glynn County, Ga., Seeking Absentee Ballot Fraud Task Force Meeting Records

October 6, 2020
Records request to Glynn County, Ga,, seeking meeting records for the Georgia Absentee Ballot Fraud Task Force.