FOIA Number: GSA-20-2701

News Roundup: From Georgia to Arizona

April 8, 2021
Like Georgia's new voting restrictions, a partisan election audit in Arizona is predicated on the lie about widespread voter fraud.

GSA Emails Concerning the Decision not to Release Resources to President Biden’s Transition Team

December 13, 2020
These records include communications from Administrator Emily Murphy, Deputy Administrator Allison Brigati, Chief of Staff Robert Borden, General Counsel Trent Benishek, and others containing key terms related to the presidential transition process.

Investigating GSA’s Interference in Presidential Transition

November 10, 2020
Emily Murphy, the Trump appointed GSA administrator, has failed to sign the memo authorizing the use of government resources by the transition team of President-elect Joe Biden.

FOIA to GSA Seeking Emails Concerning the Decision Not to Release Resources to President-Elect Biden’s Transition Team

November 9, 2020
FOIA request to the General Services Administration seeking email communications containing transition-related key terms in light of reports that the agency has decided not to release transition resources and access to President-Elect Biden’s transition team.