FOIA Number: HHS-FDA-20-2265

Records Show Frustration at FDA as Agency Prepared to Authorize Convalescent Plasma Treatment

May 26, 2021
American Oversight has obtained records from the summer of 2020 in which FDA officials expressed frustration with scientists at the NIH days before the planned authorization of convalescent plasma as a Covid-19 treatment, a decision heavily promoted by Trump.

HHS Communications Regarding FDA Decision on Convalescent Plasma

May 13, 2021
Records from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in response to American Oversight's request for FDA communications regarding Covid-19 treatments. These records include communication concerning the FDA's decision to on convalescent plasma from August 2020.

Investigations Update: DeJoy’s Calendars, Barr’s False Voting Fraud Story, and Delays in Prescription Deliveries

September 15, 2020
See the latest in our investigations into the postmaster general’s calendars, the administration’s alarmist claims about voter fraud, and the decision to put a Trump-signed letter in food aid boxes.

FOIA to FDA Seeking External Emails from Political Appointees Regarding Covid-19 Treatment

September 9, 2020
FOIA request to the Food and Drug Administration seeking the external email communications (which include key terms) of political appointees Emily Miller, John Wagner, and David Gortler. This request was made in light of questions raised by both the media and members of Congress regarding the potential politicization of the FDA on decisions about the coronavirus treatment.