FOIA Number: NARA-21-0174

Fake Electoral Certificates Obtained by American Oversight Draw Renewed Scrutiny

January 12, 2022
The phony documents were submitted to Congress by Republicans in several states who sought to overturn Biden’s 2020 election victory by casting the state’s electoral votes for Trump instead.

American Oversight Obtains Seven Phony Certificates of Pro-Trump Electors

March 2, 2021
The phony electoral vote certificates from seven states were submitted to Congress as part of the failed attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

NARA Records Containing Invalid Elector Slates Submitted to Congress

February 17, 2021
Records from the National Archives and Records Administration in response to American Oversight's request for copies of the purported alternate elector slates from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Investigations Update: Florida Vaccine Distribution, Anti-Protest Measures, and Trump’s Efforts to Overturn Georgia’s Election Results

February 9, 2021
See the latest in our investigations into the coronavirus pandemic response and into officials’ attempts to interfere with democracy.

FOIA to NARA Seeking Records of Invalid, Purported Elector Slates

February 4, 2021
FOIA request to National Archives and Records Administration seeking copies of the purported alternate elector slates sent by groups in several states.