FOIA Number: OGE-17-0005

Records From OGE Regarding Jeff Sessions’ Nomination and Confirmation

January 30, 2018
Records from OGE in response to FOIA seeking communications with individuals confirmed or nominated (or likely to be either) to Senate-confirmed positions and their representatives (OGE-17-0005). This production includes 49 pages related to Attorney General Sessions.

OGE Communications Between Appointed and Nominated Officials

June 20, 2017
Obtained through FOIA by American Oversight on June 20, 2017. Response to FOIA request (OGE-17-0005) for records of communications between OGE and individuals nominated/appointed, or anticipated to be nominated/appointed, by President Trump for Senate-confirmed positions in the federal government or positions in the Executive Office of the President in the White House, respectively.

American Oversight Calls on Congress to Investigate Trump Aide’s Reported Ties to Nazi Group

March 17, 2017
American Oversight today called on Congress to open a formal investigation into reports that a senior advisor to President Donald Trump may be a member of a Nazi-affiliated organization.

FOIA Request to OGE for Communications with Individuals Expected to Serve in the Trump Administration

March 8, 2017
FOIA to OGE seeking communications between OGE and individuals appointed, nominated, or expected to be nominated to serve in the administration.