FOIA Number: STATE-17-0113

State Department Emails Show How Embassy Websites Promoted Mar-a-Lago

December 11, 2017
In April 2017, multiple U.S. embassies around the world began sharing an article on their websites and social media pages promoting the Mar-a-Lago golf resort owned by President Trump. American Oversight launched an investigation to determine how and why the posts were originally written and distributed.

Records From State Departent Regarding Mar a Lago Blog Post

November 28, 2017
Documents from State in response to our FOIA request for records relating to the creation and distribution of an article about Mar-a-Lago on the State Department’s website.

American Oversight Files IG Complaint over State Department Promotion of Mar-A-Lago

April 25, 2017
American Oversight today filed a complaint with the State Department’s Inspector General and the Office of Government Ethics after discovering the State Department is promoting President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort on U.S. embassy websites.

FOIA Request to State Department Regarding an Article Promoting Mar-a-Lago on Government Websites

April 25, 2017
FOIA to State seeking records relating to the creation and distribution of an article promoting the Mar-a-Lago resort on official government websites.