FOIA Number: TX-AG-21-1104

Complaint and Court Filings: American Oversight v. Texas Gov. Abbott and Attorney General Paxton – Records of Communications

January 17, 2024
American Oversight's lawsuit against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton seeking the release of records of certain communications, including official messages sent using personal accounts or devices.

Judge Rejects Efforts by Texas Gov. Abbott and Attorney General Paxton to Dismiss Records Suit

February 23, 2023
American Oversight’s public records lawsuit seeking the release of top officials’ communications will proceed.

Abbott and Paxton Fight Against Release of Public Records by Seeking Dismissal of American Oversight Lawsuit

January 19, 2023
Texas leaders are advancing arguments that would significantly limit the public’s access to Texas government documents.

American Oversight Opposes Gov. Abbott’s and Attorney General Paxton’s Motions to Dismiss Public Records Case

October 13, 2022
American Oversight’s lawsuit seeks the release of officials’ messages surrounding Jan. 6, as well as communications with the gun lobby.

American Oversight Seeks Default Judgment in Lawsuit for Texas Attorney General’s Emails and Texts

August 11, 2022
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton failed to answer American Oversight’s lawsuit seeking records from Jan. 6 and the aftermath of the Uvalde mass shooting.

American Oversight Sues Offices of Texas Governor and AG for Communications with Gun Lobby, Messages Sent from Personal Accounts

June 30, 2022
American Oversight filed suit in Texas over several open requests for public records sent to Gov. Abbott and Attorney General Paxton, including requests for communications with pro-gun activists in the days following the Uvalde school shooting.

Records Request to Texas Attorney General for AG Paxton’s Personal Email Communications

August 6, 2021
Public records request to the Texas Office of the Attorney General seeking communications of Attorney General Ken Paxton sent from a non-governmental email address, as well as any emails sent to his government address.