FOIA Number: USDA-20-1631

USDA Emails with External Entities Regarding Farmers to Families Program

January 4, 2021
U.S. Department of Agriculture emails in response to American Oversight's request for communications between top officials and external entities, including contract recipients for the Farmers to Families Food Box Program.

Investigations Update: Family Separation, Unmarked Law Enforcement, and Trump’s Campaign Rallies

June 30, 2020
Here’s a look at the investigations our team has been pursuing through public records requests and Freedom of Information Act litigation in the last week.

FOIA to USDA Seeking Communications with Specific Food Service Companies

June 26, 2020
FOIA request to the U.S. Department of Agriculture seeking communications with specific food service companies, including recipients of contracts for the Farmers to Families Food Box Program.