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The Trump administration has lived up to our worst fears, with every front-page story about White House palace intrigue matched by untold instances of stealth corruption, cronyism, and dishonesty.

If you’re reading this, you’re concerned — probably more than concerned. As we end the year and head into 2018, it is critical for us all to redouble our efforts to fight back. We can’t lose the sense of urgency we felt in January after Trump was inaugurated. We can’t normalize the daily transgressions. Think of it this way: Nothing would make the Trump administration happier than if we became complacent. Let’s not give them that satisfaction.

At American Oversight, we’re just getting started. On behalf of the entire team, I’m asking you to support our mission with a donation.


Even a small donation goes a long way. For example, with your support this year American Oversight has:

We know the power of this work. The New York Times highlighted how our litigation shook evidence loose and Rachel Maddow even called us “FOIA artists” (aw, shucks).

2018 will see the fruits of our ongoing investigations into Trump’s military transgender ban, the “big, beautiful” wall, healthcare sabotage, and more. And if you thought 2017 was troubling, imagine what the Trump administration has in store for next year. We have to be ready.

Your support makes all this possible. Please consider making a one-time or monthly contribution. Every little bit helps.


Where Your Money Goes:

Your donation helps support the expenses that come from our lawsuits, investigations, and day to day work at American Oversight. We rely on donations because we’re not a news outlet that relies on advertisers, sponsorships, or website clicks. And because we’re not dependent on clicks, we can spend our time digging into the details, exposing corruption that might otherwise be overlooked.

Obtaining documents is also hard work. Sometimes the government won’t comply with our document requests, or play fast and loose with the law. When this happens, American Oversight needs to sue in order to force them to obey the rules. Many of our wins come from going to court.


What Else You Can Do to Support American Oversight:

If contributing financially isn’t a possibility for you, please consider supporting our work in the following ways:

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From the entire team, thank you for your support. Every donation, every encouraging email, and every tweet galvanizes us to keep fighting for accountability,

Austin and the American Oversight Team

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