Jurisdiction: Federal

FOIA Request to State Regarding North Korea Missile Testing

July 28, 2017
FOIA to State seeking email communications between State Department officials regarding North Korea’s missile testing.

EPA Rejection of Request for Emails Between Pruitt and Staff

July 28, 2017
EPA rejected American Oversight's request for emails between Scott Pruitt and EPA senior staff between June 1 and June 15, 2017.

No Records Response From the Patent and Trademark Office Regarding Communications with Trump White House

July 27, 2017
No records response from the Patent and Trademark Office's in response to our request for communications or records of meetings between PTO officials and members of the Trump White House.

No Records Response From OSTP Regarding Trump Properties

July 27, 2017
No records response from the Office of Science and Technology Policy's in response to our request for guidance or emails relating to events at Trump properties or reimbursements paid to employees for expenses at Trump properties and records of the total cost of payments or reimbursements for expenses at Trump properties.

American Oversight Sues FCC to Obtain Net Neutrality Communications with Industry Groups

July 26, 2017
As the Trump administration moves ahead with plans to end Net Neutrality, American Oversight today sued the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to find out how the telecommunications industry has influenced government regulators.

No Records Response from DOI SOL regarding OGE’s ethics data call

July 25, 2017
The Office of Solicitor within the Department of Interior stated that it had no records related to the Office of Government Ethics data call. OGE requested records regarding ethics waivers for political appointees and American Oversight sought those responses.

GSA Link to Records Regarding the Trump International Hotel

July 25, 2017
GSA letter providing a link to publicly available documents relating to President Trump's lease for the Trump International Hotel at the Old Post Office in Washington, DC.

FOIA Request to HHS Communications between Tom Price and GOP Senators

July 25, 2017
Records and communications related to a meeting that occurred on or about June 20, 2017 between HHS Secretary Tom Price and Republican senators.

No Records Response from DOI Regarding Ethics Waivers Provided to Political Appointees

July 25, 2017
No records response from DOI regarding ethics waivers provided to political appointees.

American Oversight Launches “Defund Trump” Investigation

July 24, 2017
American Oversight today launched Defund Trump, a campaign aimed at preventing President Trump and his family from financially profiting from government service.