Jurisdiction: Florida

FOIA to DOJ Regarding the AG’s Participation In Prosecution Related to Goodlatte’s Letters

November 22, 2017
FOIA to DOJ seeking records related to recusal obligations (including a conclusion that recusal was not necessary) related to the Attorney General’s participation in connection with any decision relating to any investigation or prosecution (or potential investigation or prosecution) of any issues raised in either of Congressman Robert Goodlatte’s letters.

FOIA to State Seeking Records of Medical Impact of Sonic Attacks

November 14, 2017
FOIA to State seeking records of medical impact of sonic attacks.

DOL Records Regarding Ford

November 1, 2017
No records response regarding Ford seeking internal, external, and White House communications.

American Oversight Calls for Investigation of Payments Made to Trump Organization

October 27, 2017
American Oversight is calling on federal, Florida and New York State law enforcement officials and prosecutors to investigate whether domestic and foreign interests have used Trump properties, including the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, and the Trump National Doral as conduits to bribe the Trump administration to pursue favorable policies and award contracts.
Donald Trump Hotel Washington DC Facade Exterior Entrance Looking Up November 2016

FOIA Request to HR regarding Acosta’s time as Dean of FIU

May 23, 2017
American Oversight obtained records from R. Alexander Acosta’s time as Dean of FIU Law (FIU-17-0017)

FIU Response to Acosta Employment

April 7, 2017
FIU response to Florida Public Records request FIU-17-0017-20 received April 7th, 2017 regarding Acosta's employment.