Just Posted: MyPillow, Mar-a-Lago, and Texas’ Communications with the NRA

EPA’s Questionable Contract with a GOP Research Firm

We just obtained and posted details of the no-bid contract given to Definers, a Republican opposition research firm that the Environmental Protection Agency hired to investigate employees who were critical of the Trump administration. Even though the contract was cancelled, we’re still investigating how and why it was initially approved.

Assessments of Threats Against Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt claims that he needs to spend taxpayer dollars on a 24/7 security detail and first-class flights for his personal safety and because he receives threats. We submitted a FOIA to find out if EPA did a threat assessment to justify Pruitt’s need for these security measures. American Oversight obtained EPA IG’s threat assessment, which included incidents like someone drawing a mustache on a photo of Pruitt and sending him a package that contained various documents with no threatening language.

Candy Carson Travel Records

We also obtained Housing and Urban Development records of Secretary Ben Carson’s wife  Candy Carson’s involvement at the agency, including records about her travel, HUD meeting attendance, and HUD documents and resources that have been shared with her. This is part of our larger investigation into Secretary Carson’s family involvement at the agency.

GSA Communications with MyPillow

American Oversight sued to obtain records from GSA in response to our request for communications related to the contract modification that was given to the company, MyPillow, following a White House event.

Jeff Sessions’ Trip to Mar-a-Lago

Justice Department expense and travel vouchers for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ trip to meet with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago in early 2017. DOJ explained that the vouchers show no reimbursement for personal travel costs, such as meals or lodging, because the trip duration was under 24 hours. DOJ has not yet provided records of the cost of the aircraft and security detail expenses for Sessions’ trip but we’re still investigating government travel and Trump property visits at taxpayer expense.

Gun Lobby Communications with the Office of the Governor of Texas

We’ve been investigating the gun lobby’s communications with and influence on politicians in states where shootings have taken place to see if there has been influence on policy. We obtained communications between gun lobbyists and the Office of the Governor of Texas.