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Oversight August 11, 2017

Defending the Public’s Right to Hold Government Accountable

Update – August 11, 2017: American Oversight filed a lawsuit against the Department of the Treasury to force the release of communications with the… Read More

Oversight August 10, 2017

Current Public Records Requests

The Freedom of Information Act and other public records laws give the American people the ability to access public information and learn about what our government… Read More

Oversight August 2, 2017

Who Promised What: Investigating the Secret Health Care Negotiations

Update: August 2, 2017 – American Oversight has obtained and posted a second set of documents from the Trump administration’s health care negotiations with… Read More

Oversight August 1, 2017

Russian Interference & Trump Administration Actions

We know that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election to support the Trump campaign, and we know that law enforcement and security agencies… Read More

Oversight July 31, 2017

Document Library: Records Obtained by American Oversight

This page maintains a running list of responses that American Oversight has received to our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and letters. You can… Read More

Oversight July 26, 2017

Investigating the FCC Plan to End Net Neutrality

What We’re Seeking: Calendar records for senior FCC officials. Records of communications between senior FCC officials and internet service providers regarding net neutrality. Records of… Read More

Oversight July 25, 2017

Political Appointees and Ethics Waivers

With the start of the new administration, scores of individuals are joining the government in key, senior positions. Without transparency, the public cannot have confidence that government decisions will be shaped by the interests of the American people, not by personal or professional allegiances. Read More

Oversight July 24, 2017

Defund Trump: Stopping the Flow of Tax Dollars to Trump Businesses

What We’re Seeking: Records of expenses paid for members of President Trump’s cabinet to travel to Trump properties. Records of reimbursements or expenses paid… Read More

Oversight July 19, 2017

Carrier Jobs Move to Mexico: Investigating What Trump Administration Knew

What We’re Seeking:  Communications between (1) senior officials at Treasury, Commerce, and USTR and (2) the United Technologies Corporation, Carrier Corporation, the Governor of Indiana,… Read More

Oversight July 14, 2017

Ford Manufacturing in China: What Role Did Trump Officials Play?

What We’re Seeking: Communications between (1) senior officials at Treasury, Commerce, and USTR and (2) the Ford Motor Company, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, and Members… Read More

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