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News April 26, 2017

Investigating the FCC Plan to End Net Neutrality

What We’re Seeking: Calendar records for senior FCC officials. Records of communications between senior FCC officials and internet service providers regarding net neutrality. Records of… Read More

oversight April 25, 2017

Audit the Wall

Follow our investigation at AuditTheWall.org or on Twitter @WeAreOversight #AuditTheWall Whether you support President Trump’s initiative to build a wall between the… Read More

oversight April 25, 2017

Current Public Records Requests

The Freedom of Information Act an other public records laws give the American people the ability to access public information and learn about what our government… Read More

oversight April 19, 2017

Investigating Administration Actions Related to the Russian Interference in the Election

Update: April 19, 2017 American Oversight filed two lawsuits for records related to any wiretaps of Trump Tower and for other documents… Read More

oversight April 17, 2017

Deafening Silence: How Are Executive Branch Agencies Responding to Questions from the Press and Congress?

What We’re Seeking: Memos or guidance circulated within executive branch agencies regarding how to answer questions from the media or members of Congress. The Issue:… Read More

oversight April 12, 2017

Investigation of EPA Decision to Overrule Scientists and Allow Pesticide

The decision to reverse the EPA's previous findings on chlorpyrifos - coming less than two months after Administrator Pruitt took over the agency - raises questions about whether he again received policy direction from an industry group. Read More

oversight April 3, 2017

Who Promised What: Investigating the Secret Health Care Negotiations

What We’re Seeking: Communications between Trump administration officials, members of Congress, and outside groups regarding health care reform. The Issue: The debate… Read More

oversight March 21, 2017

Investigating the Firing of Former US Attorney Preet Bharara

American Oversight is investigating whether the firing of former United States Attorney Preet Bharara was connected to his investigation of any Trump administration officials including Secretary… Read More

oversight March 17, 2017

Call for Congressional Investigation of White House Aide Sebastian Gorka

American Oversight has asked the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to investigate reports that a high-level White House official may have ties to a pro-Nazi group. Read More

oversight March 17, 2017

Updated: Bringing Transparency to Presidential Appointments

With the start of the new administration, scores of individuals are joining the government in key, senior positions. Without transparency, the public cannot have confidence that government decisions will be shaped by the interests of the American people, not by personal or professional allegiances. Read More

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