Statement on the Firing of Michael Gableman

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on Friday fired Michael Gableman, the head of the Assembly’s Office of Special Counsel (OSC), who had been overseeing the Assembly’s partisan inquiry into the state’s 2020 presidential election.

Over the past year, American Oversight has filed a series of lawsuits seeking records from the partisan review. Those lawsuits have revealed, among other things, that the investigation found no evidence to support the false claim of a “stolen” election — and have led Wisconsin courts to hold both Vos and OSC in contempt for their failure to comply with orders to release documents. 

Statement from Heather Sawyer, executive director of American Oversight:
“Based on the paper trail American Oversight uncovered, it is clear that despite great cost to Wisconsin taxpayers and false statements from Gableman himself, this election review uncovered no evidence to support its claims of widespread fraud. Hopefully this heralds the dismantling of this partisan exercise. Firing Michael Gableman does not free Speaker Vos, the Assembly, or the Office of Special Counsel from their obligations to comply with Wisconsin law and to release the full record of this inquiry to the public.”