Topic: Abuse of Power

SBA Records of McMahon Travel Vouchers and Reimbursements

December 21, 2017
Records provided by the Small Business Administration showing travel vouchers for flights taken by SBA Administrator Linda McMahon.

FBI Records Call Into Question Sessions’ Claims About Security Clearance Instructions

December 7, 2017
Email released by the FBI in response to a FOIA lawsuit brought by People for the American Way seeking any advice that the FBI may have given to Attorney General Sessions regarding how to complete his SF-86 security clearance application. In the email, the FBI agent who assisted with Sessions’ clearance states that they do not recall advising Sessions to omit his Russian contacts from the form.

No Records Response From SEC Regarding Office Renovations

November 30, 2017
No records response from SEC in response to our FOIA request regarding office renovations.

No Records Response From CEQ Regarding Office Renovations

November 29, 2017
No records response from CEQ in response to FOIA seeking office renovation records.

American Oversight Statement Regarding DOI Report on Zinke Travel

November 16, 2017
American Oversight's statement on the Washington Post report that revealed that the Department of the Interior’s Inspector General has found that poor record keeping by Secretary Zinke has hampered their ongoing investigation into multiple facets of his travel, including his mixing of political events with government business, as well as the frequent presence of his wife, Lola Zinke, on official trips.