Topic: Abuse of Power

Ethics Watchdog Calls for IG Investigation of Sessions for Violating Recusal

May 10, 2017
American Oversight today demanded that the Department of Justice release documents related to the firing of FBI Director James Comey. American Oversight also called for the DOJ Inspector General to conduct an independent investigation into whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions violated his recusal from matters relating to the 2016 election.

American Oversight Sues DOJ for Release of Trump Tower Wiretap Records, Russia Investigation Documents

April 19, 2017
American Oversight today sued the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for the release of records related to any wiretaps of Trump Tower and for other documents related to the investigation of the Trump campaign’s connections with Russia.

Updated: American Oversight Investigates DHS Attempt to Stifle Online Criticism

April 7, 2017
American Oversight is filing a Freedom of Information Act request to uncover the facts behind DHS’s attempt to force Twitter to reveal the identity of an account critical of administration policy.

Swamp Airlines: Private Jets at Taxpayer Expense

April 4, 2017
American Oversight is investigating the Trump Administration’s repeated use of chartered aircraft for government travel. High-priced travel at taxpayer expense has become a pattern in the Trump administration - and the public has a right to know where our tax dollars are going.

FOIA to Commerce Seeking Communications and Records of Meetings with Ivanka Trump

March 31, 2017
FOIA to Commerce seeking communications and records of meetings between Ivanka Trump and Commerce officials.

FOIA Request to DOJ Seeking Communications with Congress about Potential Testimony of Sally Yates to Congress

March 29, 2017
FOIA seeking communications between DOJ and Congress regarding the potential testimony of former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates before the House Intelligence Committee.