Topic: Budget

FOIA to Commerce Regarding NAFTA Talking Points

November 1, 2017
FOIA to Commerce seeking NAFTA talking points.

American Oversight Sues State Department for Records Showing Efforts to Compel Mexico to Pay for Border Wall

October 31, 2017
American Oversight sued the State Department in order to obtain records related to communications and negotiations with the Mexican government regarding President Trump's ongoing claims that Mexico will pay for the proposed border wall.

Complaint: American Oversight v. State Department – Mexico Wall Payments

October 31, 2017
Lawsuit filed by American Oversight against the State Department seeking records of any attempts by the U.S. government to make Mexico pay for President Trump’s proposed border wall. 

Swamp Airlines: Private Jets at Taxpayer Expense

September 20, 2017
American Oversight is investigating the Trump Administration’s repeated use of chartered aircraft for government travel. High-priced travel at taxpayer expense has become a pattern in the Trump administration - and the public has a right to know where our tax dollars are going.

DHS Response to FOIA Request About Wall Contracting

August 19, 2017
DHS responded to American Oversight's FOIA request (DHS-17-0184) for records identifying the members of the selection committee that will make decisions about awarding the wall contracts. DHS said it was prohibited from releasing the requested records.

DHS No Responsive Records for Communications with Border Agent Union or Congress about Construction or Funding of Border Wall

August 18, 2017
The Department of Homeland Security found no responsive records to American Oversight's FOIA request (DHS-CBP-17-0122) for communications with the border agent union regarding the construction of a border wall; communications with Congress regarding funding for the border wall.

FOIA Request to EPA Regarding Konkus Grant Decisions

August 18, 2017
FOIA request to the Environmental Protection Agency regarding Konkus' ability to review grant solicitations and seeking grant decisions.

IRS Tax Reform Stakeholder Communications Final Response

August 17, 2017
IRS Response to American Oversight's FOIA (IRS-17-0312) requesting records detailing communications between IRS staff and third-party organizations about potential legislation regarding the federal tax code.

FOIA Request to OMB Requesting Communications with Congress Regarding the Debt Ceiling

August 11, 2017
FOIA request to the Office of Management and Budget requesting all communications with Congress regarding the debt ceiling.