Topic: Environment & Energy

FOIA to DHS and CBP Regarding Hurricane Maria

November 15, 2017
FOIA to DHS seeking records and communications related to social media coverage of Hurricane Maria.

FOIA to DOE for Calendars of Senior Officials

November 1, 2017
FOIA to DOE seeking calendars for Secretary Rick Perry, Dan Brouilette, Brian McCormack, Deputy Chief of Staff to Brian McCormack, and Frank G. Klotz, Under Secretary for Nuclear Security Administrator (NNSA).

FOIA to FEMA Regarding Whitefish Contract

October 24, 2017
FOIA to the Federal Emergency Management Agency regarding the $300M Whitefish contract and possible connections to the Trump administration and DOI Secretary Ryan Zinke.

FOIA to EPA Seeking Additional Pruitt and Senior Staff Calendars

October 20, 2017
FOIA seeking additional calendars from EPA including Administrator Pruitt's calendars and other upper-level EPA employees.

Lawsuit Seeks Records of Lolita Zinke’s Travel, Role at Department of the Interior

October 5, 2017
American Oversight today sued the Department of the Interior to force the release of records related to Lolita Zinke, wife of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and her role at the department, use of taxpayer-funded travel, and participation in official meetings or other events.

Ryan Zinke’s Unethical Leadership at Interior

October 5, 2017
Since his appointment, former Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s conduct in office raised questions about his management of the department and his use of taxpayer resources. From flying on government jets to potentially involving family members in official government business, it is important for the public to understand exactly what Zinke did during his tenure as secretary.

Complaint: Western Values Project v. DOI – Lola Zinke Role at Interior

October 5, 2017
Complaint filed on behalf of Western Values Project regarding Ryan Zinke's wife's involvement at Department of the Interior, as part of a larger investigation into Ryan Zinke's unethical actions while serving as secretary of the department.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s Calendars Show Deep Industry Connections

October 3, 2017
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's calendars from February through May 2017 show extensive meetings with energy and chemical industry executives and lobbyists, and provide a deeper look at how Pruitt has been spending his time at the head of the nation's environmental regulator. 

Scott Pruitt’s Mismanagement of the EPA

October 3, 2017
Under former Administrator Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency has become an increasingly secretive organization - making it difficult for the public and the press to understand how and why major policy decisions are being made.