Topic: Ethics & Conflicts

News Roundup: Same Old Stories

March 22, 2019
By now, it should be clear that using private email and messaging apps for official government business is not allowed.

Two Years of American Oversight

March 13, 2019
American Oversight opened its doors two years ago today to hold the Trump administration accountable. See what we've uncovered through FOIA, litigation, and investigations into corruption in the administration.

Complaint: American Oversight v. Interior – Bernhardt Ethics Conflicts

March 12, 2019
American Oversight's lawsuit against Interior seeking records of Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt's communications with his former oil and gas industry clients as well as records of his compliance with ethics requirements.

News Roundup: Lawsuits Against Departments of Defense, Agriculture, and Health and Human Services

March 8, 2019
American Oversight sued to uncover industry influence at USDA, conflicts of interest at the Pentagon, and why HHS removed valuable health information from a website.

New Lawsuit Seeks Records of Agribusiness Influence on USDA School Nutrition Standards

March 7, 2019
American Oversight is suing the Department of Agriculture to force the release of documents that might reveal industry influence over the decision to weaken nutritional standards for school lunches.

FBI Headquarters Investigation: Agencies Refusing to Search for Records of Trump Interference to Protect Hotel

March 4, 2019
Three federal agencies appear to be stonewalling our investigation into whether Trump canceled a multibillion-dollar FBI relocation project in order to benefit his D.C. hotel.

At Least Fourteen Federal Agencies Have Created No Guidance for Spending Taxpayer Money at Trump Properties

February 28, 2019
American Oversight requested that government agencies provide copies of ethics guidance for spending taxpayer money at Trump-owned businesses. A year and a half later, no office has provided records, and more than a dozen have said they had none.

The Complicated World of Wilbur Ross’ Finances

February 28, 2019
American Oversight has been looking into the commerce secretary's complex and confusing financial holdings, identifying a number of serious ethics issues.

Lying to Congress Rarely Results in Charges — Until Now. Here’s How Others in Trump’s Circle Could Be in Trouble

February 27, 2019
Cohen’s conviction could signal a new way of doing business in prosecutions of those who lied to Congress.
(Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore)

News Roundup: Wilbur Ross’ Uncertified Financial Disclosures

February 22, 2019
Investigating the influence of anti-abortion groups at HHS, coordination between Mitch McConnell's and Elaine Chao's offices, and Wilbur Ross' ethics conflicts.