Topic: Ethics & Conflicts

Trump’s Interference in the FBI Headquarters Relocation Plan

January 8, 2019
A plan to relocate the FBI headquarters to the Washington, D.C., suburbs was surprisingly scrapped in favor of the far costlier option of rebuilding at its existing site — which happens to sit a block away from the Trump International Hotel. American Oversight is investigating what influence the White House and the Trump Organization might have had over a decision that ensures a huge city block remains free of competition for the president’s hotel.

Countdown to Oversight in 2019

December 27, 2018
A look back at what American Oversight uncovered in 2018, and what 2019 could bring

News Round-up: Ghosts of Special Counsel Investigations Past and Present

December 21, 2018
American Oversight is asking for records about whether William Barr and Matt Whitaker can be involved in overseeing the Mueller investigation.

Betsy DeVos’ Delayed Financial Disclosures Heighten Accountability Concerns

December 20, 2018
DeVos’ form, which was finally released in early December after months of delay, raises a number of questions about potential conflicts of interest and ethics compliance.
(Photo: Gage Skidmore)

DOJ Records Regarding Alex Acosta’s Bush Administration Employment

December 18, 2018
Department of Justice records regarding Alex Acosta's Bush Administration employment, including Acosta's salary and benefits history.

Statement on Ryan Zinke’s Departure from Interior Department

December 15, 2018
"For all his feigned swagger, Ryan Zinke lacked the courage or integrity to face accountability, skipping town as soon as he faced scrutiny," said Austin Evers, Executive Director of American Oversight.
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Wait, There’s More: News of Another Administration Official Using Personal Email

December 10, 2018
News reports indicate that Scott Pruitt used personal email for official business. American Oversight continues its investigation of improper administration email use.

Acting Attorney General Whitaker’s Financial and Political Conflicts Of Interest

November 21, 2018
From likely partisan conflicts of interest to concerns about dishonesty, American Oversight is investigating Matthew Whitaker’s appointment as acting attorney general — and calling on multiple federal offices to look into potential violations of the Hatch Act as well as his failure to disclose political contributions he received during his time at the Justice Department.

OSC Opens Whitaker Case File in Response to American Oversight Request

November 21, 2018
Update: The Office of Special Counsel has opened a case file in response to American Oversight's call for an investigation into Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker's potential Hatch Act violations. American Oversight wrote to multiple federal offices requesting investigations of Whitaker.

Ivanka Trump’s and Jared Kushner’s Roles in the Administration

November 20, 2018
Ivanka Trump used personal email for government business on hundreds of occasions in 2017, a discovery sparked by American Oversight's FOIA requests and litigation. The president’s family is not above the law, and Congress should investigate Ms. Trump’s likely violations of records rules and potential mishandling of classified information. With her and her husband, Jared Kushner, occupying positions of power and influence within the White House, it is important for the public to understand how they are carrying out their duties and whether they are obeying the law.