Topic: Government Transparency

News Roundup: More Revelations about Attacks on Voting Rights

September 9, 2022
News in multiple states revealed further examples of the partisan effort to undermine public confidence in elections and restrict voting rights.

News Roundup: The Threats to Our Democracy

September 2, 2022
President Biden gave a primetime address in which he warned of the growing danger to our democracy and urged the nation to fight against the extremism and lies that threaten it.

In the Documents: The Thomas More Society and Other Outside Groups’ Influence on Partisan Wisconsin Election Investigation

September 2, 2022
Public records obtained by American Oversight over the past year shed light on the involvement of the conservative legal group and prominent election deniers in attorney Michael Gableman’s problematic inquiry.

Judge Orders ICE to Preserve Former Trump Officials’ Mobile Devices in American Oversight Records Lawsuit

September 1, 2022
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) must preserve in their present condition the mobile devices of seven former Trump administration officials, a federal judge ruled Thursday in the ongoing suit brought by American Oversight and the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts seeking the release of records related to the federal criminal prosecution of a state court judg

Arizona Supreme Court Rules on Arizona Senate’s Use of Legislative Privilege to Withhold Records from Election ‘Audit’

August 31, 2022
The ruling makes it easier for officials to hide records from the public, but orders the Senate to release any administrative, political, and other non-legislative communications it has withheld.

Before Former AG Barr Condemned Trump’s Stolen-Election Claims, He Sowed Distrust About the Risks of Widespread Voter Fraud

August 25, 2022
Before the 2020 election, Barr promoted baseless claims about the dangers of absentee voting. Records uncovered by American Oversight also highlight his efforts to codify an accelerated investigation timeline for federal fraud investigations.

American Oversight Asks Maryland Attorney General for Oversight of Gov. Hogan’s Use of Wickr

August 22, 2022
American Oversight asked the Maryland attorney general to issue guidance on elected officials’ use of auto-deleting messaging technology, following reports that Gov. Larry Hogan and members of his office had used Wickr to communicate about government business.

News Roundup: ‘The Evidence Speaks for Itself’

August 19, 2022
The costly repercussions of the Wisconsin election investigation were thrown into stark relief this week.

American Oversight Seeks Default Judgment in Lawsuit for Texas Attorney General’s Emails and Texts

August 11, 2022
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton failed to answer American Oversight’s lawsuit seeking records from Jan. 6 and the aftermath of the Uvalde mass shooting.

News Roundup: Deleted Jan. 6 Texts and ‘Practical Impossibilities’

August 5, 2022
Our FOIA litigation revealed that the Defense Department and the Army also deleted the text messages of top Trump administration officials from the day of the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.