Topic: Health Care

FOIA to HHS Regarding Brett O’Donnell’s Contract

February 7, 2018
FOIA seeking any consulting contract, employment agreement, or any other record reflecting the type and scope of work to be performed by Brett O’Donnell (or his employer).

No Records Response From HHS Regarding Loyalty Pledges

February 6, 2018
No records response from HHS in response to FOIA seeking pledges employees had to take prior to working at the agency. (HHS-17-0205)

Complaint: Equity Forward vs. HHS – Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors Seeking Abortion Rights

February 1, 2018
Complaint on behalf of Equity Forward against Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding unaccompanied immigrant minors who are seeking abortion rights.

Video: Breaking Down Our Lawsuit with HHS, OMB, and Congress

January 16, 2018
Executive Director, Austin Evers, gives an overview of American Oversight's lawsuit against HHS, OMB, and Congress to bring transparency to the attempt to repeal Obamacare.

No Records Response From IRS Regarding Birth Control Settlements

January 16, 2018
No records response from IRS in response to our FOIA requesting information regarding settled and resolved litigation related to the ACA's birth control benefit.

FOIA to EPA Seeking Reimbursement Records

January 9, 2018
FOIA seeking all records reflecting any advancements or reimbursements for expenses paid by a government purchase card or personal credit card by anyone in the Office of the Administrator, including Administrator Scott Pruitt.

OMB ACA Response

December 19, 2017
Response to our FOIA for communications with Congress regarding the Affordable Care Act.

HHS Communications with Congress Regarding the ACA – Sabotage Memo

December 14, 2017
Heavily-redacted HHS documents in response to our FOIA request for communications with Congress regarding the ACA. American Oversight's FOIA request had sought copies of a memo sent from President Trump to Congress regarding administrative actions that could undercut the Affordable Care Act.

No Records Response Regarding AG Eric Dreiband

November 30, 2017
No records response from DOJ's Civil Division in response to our FOIA request for records discussing Assistant AG nominee Eric Dreiband's potential ethics conflicts and communications regarding his participation in settlement negotiations with DOJ during the nomination process.