Topic: Influence & Access

Status Report American Oversight v Department of Education Calendars

October 27, 2017
Status report filed by American Oversight in our lawsuit seeking the release of calendar of political appointees at the Department of Education. Education released a number of calendars to American Oversight but included a number of redactions and has failed to provide all of the information we sought.

Unexcused Absences: DeVos Calendars Show Frequent Days Off

October 27, 2017
American Oversight obtained Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' calendars from her first six months in office. Our analysis found that she took at least 11 long weekends, and she only completed a full day of work about 2/3 of the time.

Influence & Access at the Department of Education

October 27, 2017
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is frequently absent from work - and her calendars and staffing choices raise serious questions about the level of influence that the charter school and for-profit college industries may have at the department.