Topic: National Security

DOJ No Responsive Records about Sessions Recusal Terms

May 22, 2017
The Department of Justice found no responsive records to fulfill American Oversight's FOIA request (DOJ-17-0144) for records relating to whether Attorney General Sessions involvement in the firing of former FBI Director Comey violates the terms of his recusal.

American Oversight Demands Release of Comey-Trump Memos

May 16, 2017
Following yesterday’s startling disclosure of direct interference by President Trump in an ongoing investigation of his administration, American Oversight is seeking records of any attempts by the president to obstruct the FBI investigation into Russian meddling in the election.

FOIA Request to DOJ Communications Between Rosenstein and Comey regarding conversations with Trump

May 16, 2017
FOIA to DOJ seeking communications between Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and former Director Comey regarding conversations with President Trump.

FOIA Request to DOJ Communications Regarding Firing of Comey

May 16, 2017
Communications from Attorney General Sessions regarding the firing of former Director Comey.

FOIA Request to FBI Comey Memos Memorializing Trump Conversations

May 16, 2017
Memos prepared by former Director Comey memorializing conversations with President Trump.

Letter to Burr and Warner: Senate Should Request Trump-Comey Tapes

May 12, 2017
American Oversight sent a letter to Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr and Vice Chairman Mark Warner urging them to request any recordings of conversations between President Trump and former FBI Director Comey – and to issue subpoenas if the president does not comply.

FOIA Request to FBI Meetings Between Comey and White House

May 12, 2017
Calendar entries for meetings between former Director Comey and President Trump or White House, Trump campaign, or transition team officials.

FOIA Request to DOJ Communications from Rosenstein about firing Comey

May 11, 2017
Communications from Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein regarding the decision to fire former FBI Director Comey; communications between DOJ and the media about the decision.

FOIA Request to DOJ Sessions and Rosenstein Records April 30 through May 11 2017

May 11, 2017
Calendar entries and telephone logs for Attorney General Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein from April 30 through May 11, 2017.

Statement on the Firing of FBI Director Comey

May 10, 2017
“President Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey – on the thin pretext of objecting to actions that the president and Attorney General had previously praised – sends a clear message that his greatest concern is preventing scrutiny of himself or his associates."