Topic: Trump Family Business

Administration-Wide Indifference Continues on How to Ethically Handle Spending Taxpayer Money at Trump Properties

April 6, 2020
Federal agencies still don't have official guidance on spending money at Trump-owned businesses.

No Records Response from the Navy Regarding Federal Spending at Trump Properties

April 1, 2020
The U.S. Department of the Navy stated that it had no records responsive to American Oversight's request for records regarding federal spending at Trump properties, including any guidance issued regarding the use of Trump properties for official business, as well as any expenses paid to Trump properties. 

Opinion and Order: American Oversight v. OMB – FBI Headquarters Consolidation Project

March 31, 2020
Opinion and order issued by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruling that the Office of Management and Budget had unlawfully restricted its search for records requested under FOIA by American Oversight, and that it must conduct a new search reasonably designed to capture the records.

NOAA Communications Regarding Trump Hotels During Hurricane Dorian

March 31, 2020
Communications from the National Hurricane Center at the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) seeking any communications with the White House regarding the President's privately-owned hotels and resorts in South Florida during Hurricane Dorian.

News Roundup: Transparency and Oversight Are More Important Than Ever

March 27, 2020
During ordinary times, government transparency maintains a functioning democracy. But during the coronavirus outbreak, it can also save lives.

FOIA to GSA Seeking Trump International Hotel Profit Statements

March 24, 2020
A request to the General Services Administration (GSA) for Trump International Hotel 2019 profit statements and for communications between GSA and hotel representatives regarding the agency’s lease of the Old Post Office to the hotel.

News Roundup: Rising Coronavirus Fears and Sinking Public Trust

March 6, 2020
The uncertainty and fear surrounding the coronavirus have laid bare the deadly consequences of President Donald Trump’s demand for obsequious loyalty and a refusal to take responsibility for mistakes.

No Records Response from DOL Regarding Spending at Trump Properties

February 24, 2020
Department of Labor's Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy stated that it had no records of either ethics guidance regarding agency expenditures or agency spending at Trump-owned properties.

No Records Response from Navy Regarding Ethics Guidance on Spending at Trump Properties

February 24, 2020
Department of the U.S. Navy stated that it had no records ethics guidance related to spending at Trump properties.

News Roundup: The Post-Impeachment Purge and the Knock of Authoritarianism

February 21, 2020
If news about White House complacency in the face of foreign election interference doesn’t get your attention, here are some other items for your consideration.