Topic: Voting Rights

News Roundup: Efforts to Overturn 2020 Are Not Over

April 15, 2022
Our fight for records from election reviews isn’t just about transparency — it’s also about exposing the blatantly partisan and dangerously anti-democratic motivations behind those sham investigations.

American Oversight Files Brief in Opposition to Speaker Vos’ Attempt to Block Release of Records

April 15, 2022
On April 12, American Oversight asked the court to deny Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Vos’ belated motion to keep private more than 20,000 public records that had been released to American Oversight days before.

American Oversight Obtains New Contract Documents from Partisan Wisconsin Election Investigation

April 14, 2022
Last week, the Wisconsin Assembly’s Office of Special Counsel (OSC) released records — including previously unseen contract agreements — related to the ongoing partisan review of the 2020 election.

Emails Show Trump Ally Pushing Federal Officials to Audit Voting Machines in the Weeks After the 2020 Election

April 12, 2022
The records obtained by American Oversight show that Trump allies’ attempts to get the federal government to help them reverse election results went even broader than previously known,” reported Politico.

News Roundup: Ongoing Investigations, Ongoing Lies

April 8, 2022
So long as any purported evidence remains in short supply, so-called “investigations” into election fraud can be sustained on lies and vague assertions.

Wisconsin Assembly Previously Deleted Records Related to Election Investigation

April 6, 2022
The first set of previously deleted records released by the Wisconsin Assembly to American Oversight in response to litigation seeking records of the Assembly's inquiry into the 2020 election.

News Roundup: Vos Held in Contempt in Election Inquiry Lawsuit

April 1, 2022
Efforts to avoid accountability have gone hand in hand with today’s threats to democracy.

Cyber Ninjas Responds to American Oversight’s Second Amended Complaint in ‘Audit’ Lawsuit

March 31, 2022
In a new court filing, Arizona “audit” contractor Cyber Ninjas tried to walk back its previous estimate of the number of records in its possession related to the Arizona Senate’s partisan review of the 2020 election.

News Roundup: How Far Is Too Far

March 18, 2022
When it comes to actions and false claims that weaken democracy and undermine faith in elections, there is no safe middle ground.

American Oversight Argues Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Vos and others Should Be Found in Contempt of Court in Election Records Case

March 17, 2022
The brief, filed Wednesday, supports an earlier motion American Oversight filed asking the court to find Vos and others in contempt for failing to release certain public records related to the Assembly’s election inquiry.