Topic: Voting Rights

In the Documents: Witnesses for John Eastman’s Disciplinary Trial

August 23, 2023
Several potential witnesses for Eastman in his disciplinary trial, which began June 20, are part of a nationwide network of election deniers who have sought to undermine confidence in U.S. elections.

News Roundup: Familiar Names in the Fulton County Indictment

August 18, 2023
The indictment is yet another illustration of how wide-ranging the effort to undo Trump’s loss was.

News Roundup: Fake Electors and Voting Machine Schemes

August 11, 2023
Co-Conspirator no. 5 laid out the strategy for the fake electors plot in a newly uncovered memo, and election deniers discussed an alleged voting machine breach in Michigan in public records we obtained.

Emails Suggest Wisconsin Fake Elector and Elections Commission Member Was In Touch with Partisan Election Investigation

August 8, 2023
Documents obtained by American Oversight shed light on Wisconsin Elections Commission member Robert Spindell’s potential contact with Michael Gableman’s multimillion-dollar election investigation.

Text Messages Reveal Discussion of Alleged Michigan Voting Machine Breach

August 8, 2023
The messages are another piece of evidence of how many of the same activists worked together across state lines to undermine trust in 2020 election results.

News Roundup: Florida’s Textbook Revisions, New Trump Charges

July 28, 2023
As the nation anticipates a potential indictment of former President Trump for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, a major component of that effort, the fake electors plot, has been in the spotlight again.

News Roundup: Michigan Fake Electors Face Criminal Charges

July 21, 2023
On Tuesday, Michigan’s attorney general brought felony charges against 16 fake electors who signed forged certificates in a scheme to overturn the 2020 election.

American Oversight Sues Ohio and Louisiana Secretaries of State for Records Related to ERIC Withdrawals

June 15, 2023
The lawsuits come as several states have exited the bipartisan voter-data system in response to false allegations from anti-democracy conspiracy theorists.

The Conspiracy-Driven Push for States to Abandon ERIC Voter List Program

June 15, 2023
The number of states leaving the Electronic Registration Information Center — used to maintain up-to-date voter rolls — has risen as conservative leaders bow to false allegations from right-wing conspiracy theorists.

American Oversight Seeks Default Judgment Against Wake TSI in Pennsylvania Election Audit Records Case

June 14, 2023
Wake TSI failed to respond to American Oversight’s filing adding the company as a defendant in the lawsuit for public records related to Fulton County’s election review.