News Roundup: The Cost of Undermining Elections

May 13, 2022
There is a high price for all the election investigations and “audits” — from undermining democracy and suppressing the vote to the actual financial costs.

News Roundup: Efforts to Overturn 2020 Are Not Over

April 15, 2022
Our fight for records from election reviews isn’t just about transparency — it’s also about exposing the blatantly partisan and dangerously anti-democratic motivations behind those sham investigations.

News Roundup: Vos Held in Contempt in Election Inquiry Lawsuit

April 1, 2022
Efforts to avoid accountability have gone hand in hand with today’s threats to democracy.

News Roundup: The Lies that Undermine

March 25, 2022
The latest news on threats to democracy, from renewed scrutiny on Mark Meadows and Ginni Thomas to the seemingly inexhaustible efforts in various states to keep alive the election-undermining lies.

News Roundup: How Far Is Too Far

March 18, 2022
When it comes to actions and false claims that weaken democracy and undermine faith in elections, there is no safe middle ground.

Records Request to Multiple Entities for Communications Between Select Legislators and Former Vice President Pence or Proponents of the Big Lie

March 11, 2022
Records request to multiple entities across the Arizona Senate and the Arizona House of Representatives for records reflecting communications between former Vice President Mike Pence or known proponents of the Big Lie and Sen. Sonny Borrelli, former Sen. Eddie Farnsworth, or former Rep. Anthony Kern.

News Roundup: ‘Much To-Do About Nothing’

March 11, 2022
This week, the release of more than 700 pages of public records from the Wisconsin election investigation revealed that the probe has done little actual investigating.

Judge Orders Immediate Release of Wisconsin Election Investigation Records

March 8, 2022
American Oversight obtained more than 700 pages of records related to the partisan investigation following a court order.

In the Documents: New Details About the Origins of the Arizona Senate’s Discredited Election ‘Audit’

March 7, 2022
Further review of records obtained by American Oversight in our investigation of the “audit” of Maricopa County’s 2020 election reveal a letter from a state senator to then-Vice President Pence asking that he not certify Biden’s victory.

News Roundup: Legally Impossible, Democratically Dangerous

March 4, 2022
The post-election scramble to dig up any evidence of significant voter fraud has shown us that schemes don’t need to be legally possible, or even ground in reality, to be dangerous.