Video: How FOIA Can Hold the Trump Administration Accountable

Under FOIA, government records have to be made available to the public. A government record is pretty much anything used by the executive branch. It includes things like emails from cabinet officials, calendar entries for meetings with lobbyists or donors, private jet travel expenses, and reimbursements for hotel bills at golf resorts owned by the president.

Under the law, all you have to do is ask for the information – and the government has a set time limit to respond.

American Oversight has been able to use FOIA to force transparency.

We were able to prove President Trump lied when he claimed that former President Obama “wiretapped” him at Trump Tower. We showed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions omitted his Russian contacts from his security clearance application, and we exposed the details of Scott Pruitt’s meetings with industry lobbyists.

See the documents we’ve obtained here.