American Oversight’s Statement on Law Forward’s Ethics Complaint Against Michael Gableman

On Thursday, the legal group Law Forward filed an ethics complaint to the state’s Office of Lawyer Regulation regarding the conduct of attorney Michael Gableman.

Gableman led the now-closed investigation of the state’s 2020 election until he was fired last summer by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who had initiated the inquiry in 2021. 

Below is American Oversight’s statement regarding Law Forward’s complaint:

We hope that Law Forward’s complaint will result in additional scrutiny of Justice Gableman’s conduct and Speaker Vos’ sham election investigation. American Oversight’s litigation exposed their election inquiry for what it was: a partisan exercise based on lies and incompetence. Justice Gableman’s outrageous and disrespectful conduct in court in June 2022, which led to his referral to the Office of Lawyer Regulation at that time, demonstrated the investigation’s utter lack of professionalism and credibility.

Even as Justice Gableman and Speaker Vos repeatedly slandered judges and others as biased and fought to conceal evidence of their own actions and motives, the records released through American Oversight’s litigation revealed the political motivations behind those actions. As a lawyer and former high court judge, Justice Gableman is barred from participating in such deceit and is obligated to act with honesty and integrity. We are confident that the Office of Lawyer Regulation will review the evidence provided by Law Forward objectively and without fear or favor.

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