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We’re holding the Trump administration accountable—because Congress won’t.

News July 21, 2017

American Oversight Calls for Resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Watchdog Group Released Sessions’s Security Clearance Form Showing False Statements about Foreign Contacts Washington, DC — Non-partisan ethics watchdog group American Oversight tonight called for… Read More

Oversight July 21, 2017

Current Public Records Requests

The Freedom of Information Act and other public records laws give the American people the ability to access public information and learn about what our government… Read More

News July 20, 2017

American Oversight Sues HHS and OMB For Secret Trump Letter Outlining Plan to Weaken Obamacare

Watchdog Group Seeks March Letter from Trump Outlining Options to Administratively Weaken the Affordable Care Act Washington, DC – With the Trump… Read More

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