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We’re holding the Trump administration accountable—because Congress won’t.

News June 23, 2017

Francisco & the Travel Ban: What We Learned from the DOJ Documents

In early February, Acting Solicitor General Noel Francisco was working at the Department of Justice helping to defend President Trump’s travel ban policy from various… Read More

Oversight June 22, 2017

Defending the Public’s Right to Hold Government Accountable

The Issue: In May 2017, it was reported that several congressional committees had instructed federal agencies to withhold correspondence with Congress when responding to… Read More

Oversight June 22, 2017

Investigation of EPA Decision to Overrule Scientists and Allow Pesticide

The decision to reverse the EPA's previous findings on chlorpyrifos - coming less than two months after Administrator Pruitt took over the agency - raises questions about whether he again received policy direction from an industry group. Read More

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