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American Oversight Settles Lawsuit Over Records from Secret Wisconsin Impeachment Panel

American Oversight’s litigation revealed which former state Supreme Court justices comprised the panel and showed that two of them advised against pursuing the politically motivated impeachment of a current justice.

Newsletter: Constitutional Sheriffs Want to Interfere in Election Administration

Sheriffs and election deniers gathered in Nevada this week to discuss and encourage efforts to undermine the public’s trust in elections.

American Oversight Condemns Louisiana HB 461 as Another Attempt to Erode Access to Public Records

The bill, which passed the Louisiana House on Thursday, would significantly weaken the state’s public records law by extending the ability of local governments to suppress records of business dealings.

In the Documents: North Carolina Educators Scramble to Comply with State’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law

Records obtained by American Oversight and reported on by the Charlotte Observer provide behind-the-scenes details regarding educators’ efforts to comply with the discriminatory Parents’ Bill of Rights.

Records Provide More Evidence of How Far-Right Conspiracy Theories Influenced Louisiana’s Departure from ERIC

Text messages we obtained, reported on by Votebeat, provide more evidence of how the fringe Gateway Pundit website influenced the state’s 2022 withdrawal from the nonpartisan voter-roll maintenance organization.

Newsletter: Texas Ruling on Anti-Trans Investigations, Louisiana’s ERIC Withdrawal, and Jeffrey Clark’s Disciplinary Trial

Last week, a Texas appeals court upheld injunctions in a pair of lawsuits that block the state from investigating parents of children receiving gender-affirming care.


Efforts to Restrict Abortion Rights

American Oversight has filed dozens of public records requests in states across the country seeking communications and analyses about new or potential abortion restrictions in the wake of the U.S.…

Conservative States’ Migrant Transportation Programs

Governors in Florida, Texas, and Arizona have sent immigrants to states hundreds of miles away as part of an exploitative political stunt.

Wisconsin’s Baseless Investigation of the 2020 Election

Following the 2020 election, Wisconsin joined a growing list of states where allies of former President Trump launched bogus “investigations” as part of an effort to cast doubt on the…