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In the News: Trump Continues Profiting From The Presidency

As American Oversight continues to hold the Trump administration accountable and expose corruption, our work has helped journalists further their investigations into conflicts of interest and unethical behavior–including government travel on taxpayer dime, the president’s refusal to divest from his businesses, and the administration’s flagrant disregard for transparency.
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New FOIAs Seek Answers on Tax Reform, Hurricane Relief, and Trump Appointees

Over the last few weeks, we’ve filed a series of FOIA requests looking into the conflicts of interest that keep cropping up in the Trump administration, targeting recent events in the news cycle like tax reform, questionable appointees, and hurricane relief efforts.
Investigation Update

State Department Emails Show How Embassy Websites Promoted Mar-a-Lago

In April 2017, multiple U.S. embassies around the world began sharing an article on their websites and social media pages promoting the Mar-a-Lago golf resort owned by President Trump. American Oversight launched an investigation to determine how and why the posts were originally written and distributed.
Investigation Update

FBI Records Call Into Question Sessions’ Claims About Security Clearance Instructions

Email released by the FBI in response to a FOIA lawsuit brought by People for the American Way seeking any advice that the FBI may have given to Attorney General Sessions regarding how to complete his SF-86 security clearance application. In the email, the FBI agent who assisted with Sessions’ clearance states that they do not recall advising Sessions to omit his Russian contacts from the form.
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Video: How FOIA Can Hold the Trump Administration Accountable

American Oversight's Executive Director, Austin Evers, discusses how to use FOIA to promote government transparency.

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