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Investigation Update: Trump’s Cabinet Spending on Office Upgrades

Pruitt and Carson might not be the only appointees with costly spending habits. American Oversight has been investigating office renovation spending by senior officials across the Trump administration. Last November, we filed FOIA requests with 23 agencies seeking renovation records and we later filed a lawsuit against 16 agencies in order to demand the release of those documents.
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Oversight in Action: A $43,000 Soundproof Booth, A $31,000 Table, and an Uber Driver at HUD

American Oversight has been holding the Trump administration accountable for over a year. Using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and litigation, we’ve been able to extract documents showing evidence of misconduct - and we’ve made those records available to journalists and the public. Here are some of the recent examples of our work in action.
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Watchdog Demands Details of Private Meeting Between FCC and AT&T Executive who Hired Trump Lawyer

American Oversight today demanded that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) disclose details of a February 2017 meeting between FCC Chair Ajit Pai and an AT&T executive linked to President Trump's private lawyer Michael Cohen to shed light on improper corporate influence at the FCC as a result of Mr. Cohen’s arrangement with AT&T.
Investigation Update

What’s Going on at Education? Teacher Strikes, School Discipline Policies and For-Profit Influence

American Oversight is investigating the influence that Secretary DeVos has allowed for-profit and other outside entities to have on the department and its policies.
Investigation Update

Court Rules in Favor of American Oversight in Trump Hotel Lawsuit

A federal court ruled in favor of American Oversight and eviscerated the Trump administration’s illegal and unprecedented efforts to conceal the Trump transition team’s communications about the Trump International Hotel.

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