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Investigation Update

Emails Show Ivanka Trump Used Personal Email Account at White House

Emails obtained by American Oversight via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request show that Ivanka Trump used a personal email address to conduct substantive government work as late as March 2017.
Investigation Update

Did our government spend big bucks to install Big Buck Hunter? We’re going to find out.

On September 19, 2017, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke posted several tweets that he installed the arcade video game “Big Buck Hunter” in the Department of Interior’s cafeteria. Zinke has posted several tweets since describing the game and included images of himself playing the game during work hours.
Investigation Update

American Oversight Launches Investigation into Secretary Price’s Use of Private Jets for Official Travel

Non-partisan ethics watchdog American Oversight launched an investigation following reports that Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price spent tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on a series of private jet flights over a three day stretch in September.
General News

Austin Evers Discusses Trump Inaugural Funds on MSNBC

American Oversight's Executive Director, Austin Evers, spoke with MSNBC's Ari Melber about President Trump's pledge to donate his surplus inauguration contributions to charity and the importance of holding the administration accountable.
Investigation Update

Congress Enters Legal Fight to Block Release of Obamacare Repeal Emails

"From the very beginning, health care negotiations between the Trump administration and Congress have taken place in secret, and with talks reportedly starting again, Congress has made it clear that its first priority is to keep the public in the dark.”

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