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News Roundup: One Firing, Multiple Scandals

Trump's firing of the State Department's inspector general has unearthed a series of concerning stories about the conduct of the very person who pressed for the firing — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
Investigation Update

American Oversight Sues Administration for Documentation of Detention Center Covid Response

American Oversight sued the administration on Thursday for failing to release documents regarding the impact of the coronavirus on vulnerable populations in prisons and immigration detention centers. 
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Emails Show SBA Liaison Sharing Resumes with the White House Official Spearheading Trump’s Loyalty Purges

American Oversight obtained records from the Small Business Administration showing the agency's White House liaison sending two officials’ resumes to John McEntee on Feb. 28.
Investigation Update

In the Documents: Vaccines Expired in Detention Facility Fridge in Early 2019

Documents obtained by American Oversight reveal that 39 doses of a vaccine went bad when a refrigerator at an ICE-operated detention center in Texas failed in January 2019. 
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Documents We Obtained Show Barr Met with Prosecutor Examining Mueller Investigation — Immediately After Mueller Investigation Ended

The frequency of the meetings — including during the week Mueller finished his investigation — reveal the importance the attorney general placed on U.S. Attorney John Durham's investigation.

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