American Oversight is always looking for new team members to help us hold the government accountable through public records requests backed by aggressive litigation, communications, investigations, and research.

American Oversight is currently hiring for the following positions:

Are you an attorney who wants to go to court to extract information from the administration? Get in touch. Are you a researcher or investigator who wants to help uncover misconduct? Email us. Are you in college or law school and want to spend a semester or summer working with us? Send us a note. Our email address is [email protected]. We check it all the time.

Notes from Our Team: Why Work at American Oversight

“Before joining American Oversight, I was working long hours at a stressful job. After the 2016 election, I was frustrated with the way things turned out and with my total lack of time for putting any thought into what I, personally, could do in response, let alone for taking any real action. I needed a change, and American Oversight’s mission — holding the government accountable and exposing corruption — was a great way to take my existing litigation skill-set and apply it to making a difference in the real world. In addition, while I had always cared about policy issues and their impact on people, I had never been tuned in to politics, nor did I feel like I had particularly useful or unique knowledge of any one policy issue. American Oversight was extra appealing, as it offered a means to participate and make a difference even without policy or political experience. Our work applies to all aspects of public policy, and it transcends the political, partisan system.” Katie, Managing Counsel

“I wanted to use my law degree in a way that reflected my interest in public policy and ethics. American Oversight beautifully married those two interests, and I feel that my work has a direct impact on the world around me. I am eager to see how some cases pending in litigation will pan out. I’m also really interested in our project with state records requests, seeing the organization expand beyond federal oversight. I really value the atmosphere here: Collegiality and collaboration build a supportive environment. Even though the organization is growing, there’s a feeling that we’re part of a team.” Khahilia, Counsel