Case Number: 17-2361

Commission Records Show No Evidence of Widespread Voter Fraud

August 3, 2018
Secretary Dunlap released his preliminary review of those records, revealing that the PACEI had uncovered no evidence of widespread voter fraud, directly contrary to statements by the White House and PACEI Vice Chair Kris Kobach.

PACEI Records Released to Maine Secretary of State Dunlap

August 3, 2018
Files from the now-disbanded Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity (PACEI) released to Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap in response to his litigation seeking access to the records. On July 18, 2018, the PACEI released over 8,000 pages of records to Dunlap.

Court Orders Voter Fraud Commission to Release Records to Secretary Dunlap by July 18

June 27, 2018
A federal judge ruled in favor of Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap today and ordered President Trump's now-disbanded voter fraud commission to turn over documents to Dunlap by July 18, 2018. American Oversight represented Dunlap, who served on the commission, in his lawsuit seeking access to information about the commission's work.

Opinion: Dunlap v. PACEI

June 27, 2018
Opinion in Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap's lawsuit against PACEI ordering the now-defunct voter fraud commission to turn over the records he was denied when serving on the commission.

Motion for Leave to Issue Subpoena: Dunlap v. PACEI

January 31, 2018
Motion filed by Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap in his lawsuit seeking access to the records of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, on which he served as a member. The motion asks the court to allow Dunlap to issue a preservation subpoena to former Commission vice-chair Kris Kobach to require him to preserve any PACEI documents that may be in his possession.

Memorandum in Opposition to Defendants Motion Against Preliminary Injunction

January 18, 2018
Opposition to motion for reconsideration of the December 22, 2017 order for a preliminary injunction in the Dunlap lawsuit.

Reply Brief in Support of Temporary Restraining Order

January 18, 2018
Reply brief in support of a Temporary Restraining Order in Dunlap lawsuit to preserve his access to information and documents related to the now-defunct Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity (PACEI)

American Oversight Calls on National Archives to Recover Voter Fraud Commission Documents from Kobach, Other Former Commissioners

January 18, 2018
American Oversight today called on the Archivist of the United States to take legal action to prevent the former vice chair of President Trump's voter fraud commission and other former commissioners from concealing or destroying records relating to the work of the now-disbanded presidential panel.

DOJ Response Dunlap v PACEI Opposition to Motion for Preliminary Injunction

January 17, 2018
Motion filed by the Department of Justice in Dunlap v. PACEI, arguing that the government cannot compel former members of the voter fraud commission to turn over any commission documents that they may possess.

Dunlap Files for Temporary Restraining Order to Stop Election Commission From Hiding Records

January 9, 2018
In the wake of a significant legal victory for Secretary Dunlap, on January 3, President Trump abruptly dissolved the PACEI, citing ongoing litigation and resistance from state election officials as reasons for doing so. The White House announced a plan to transfer the commission’s “initial findings” to DHS so the agency can continue the commission’s work.