Case Number: 18-319

Sessions Letter Shows DOJ Acted on Trump’s Authoritarian Demand to Investigate Clinton

March 9, 2019
American Oversight has uncovered the signed directive from Jeff Sessions instructing a federal prosecutor to carry out Trump’s authoritarian demand to investigate Hillary Clinton.
(Photo: Gage Skidmore)

DOJ Letter from Jeff Sessions to John Huber Directing Clinton Inquiry

March 8, 2019
November 22, 2017 letter from former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to U.S. Attorney for Utah John Huber, directing him to investigate matters referenced in a separate letter sent to Congressman Robert Goodlatte - including issues relating to President Trump's 2016 general election rival, Hillary Clinton. This production also includes the November 22, 2017 email from Matthew Whitaker, who was then Sessions' chief of staff, to Huber, attaching the signed directive.

DOJ Records Related to Response to Goodlatte on Uranium One Investigation

October 31, 2018
Department of Justice records related to a Nov. 2017 letter from AAG Boyd that responded to two letters from Congressman Goodlatte regarding an investigation into Uranium One. This file also includes a cover letter stating that DOJ had no records responsive to several other FOIAs relating to this investigation.

American Oversight Sues DOJ Over Decision to Reopen Uranium One Investigation

February 12, 2018
American Oversight today sued the Department of Justice (DOJ) to uncover the facts behind Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to reopen an investigation into Uranium One and Hillary Clinton.

Follow-Up FOIA Related to Uranium One Seeking Attorney General Communications

February 12, 2018
Follow-up FOIA request to DOJ seeking records related to Uranium One seeking communications between the Office of the Attorney General, the Office of the Deputy Attorney, or the Office of Legislative Affairs and Congress.

Follow-Up FOIA Regarding Uranium One and AG Sessions’ Role

February 12, 2018
Follow-Up FOIA request to DOJ seeking records related to Uranium One seeking records related to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ role in the investigation.

Complaint: American Oversight v. DOJ – Uranium One

February 12, 2018
Complaint filed by American Oversight against the Department of Justice (DOJ) for failing to comply with FOIA and produce records related to the decision to re-open an investigation into Uranium One and Hillary Clinton.