EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s Calendars

Detailed calendars for former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, covering the period from his confirmation in February 2017 through February 2018.

The documents were produced in several waves. Below are Pruitt’s calendars from February 2017 through the end of December 2017, which American Oversight received in May 2018.


A previous release of calendars for February 2017 to May 2017 can be found here.

In August 2018, the EPA produced some of the same calendar pages, but with many redactions lifted or added. Those documents are available here. The EPA also produced Pruitt calendars for January and February of 2018:


Below are additional EPA records relating to Pruitt’s calendars. This production, received on Nov. 1, 2018, in response to FOIA no. EPA-17-0074, consists of daily line-by-line schedules for Pruitt for March through May 2017.


Below are travel records for Pruitt, from August 2017 through February 2018: