Ethics 101: Twitter Ads Follow President Trump to Bedminster, NJ

American Oversight Launches Digital Ad Campaign Directed at @realDonaldTrump’s Twitter Feed; Calls on Him to Stop Flouting Ethics Regulations and Wasting Taxpayer Money at Trump Properties

Washington, DC – As President Trump begins his 17-day vacation at the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, nonpartisan watchdog group American Oversight launched a geo-targeted Twitter ad campaign directed personally at Trump to remind him of the numerous ethical issues raised as he continues to promote his business empire and waste taxpayer money at his family-owned properties.

“Since President Trump has decided to take a multi-week vacation at one of his properties instead of doing his job, we’ve decided to assign him some summer reading about why his continued ownership of his business empire flouts a slew of federal ethics regulations,” said American Oversight Executive Director Austin Evers. “Every time President Trump fires up Twitter, we want to make sure that he sees firsthand the rules he’s breaking by staying at his property and understands its cost to taxpayers. Call it Remedial Ethics 101.”

The Twitter ads, which are targeted to Bedminster, NJ, will run for the full duration of President Trump’s vacation and will include a rotation of messages, showing in black-and-white the statutes and regulations that the president continues to flout. The ads will also highlight American Oversight’s efforts to force transparency on government spending at Trump-owned properties around the world.

In July, American Oversight launched Defund Trump, a project aimed at shedding light on the numerous conflicts of interest posed by President Trump’s ongoing ownership of his business empire and preventing future government spending at his properties. In addition, American Oversight sued the General Services Administration (GSA) in June to force the release of correspondence with the Trump Organization in an attempt to uncover any favoritism shown in connection with the president’s lease of the Old Post Office Building in Washington, DC.

Examples of the Twitter ads running in Bedminster, NJ are below:

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