Did our government spend big bucks to install Big Buck Hunter? We’re going to find out.

On September 19, 2017, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke posted several tweets that he installed the arcade video game “Big Buck Hunter” in the Department of Interior’s cafeteria. Zinke has posted several tweets since describing the game and included images of himself playing the game during work hours.

This appears to be a highly questionable use of taxpayer funds and government employees’ time. We’re investigating to find out the costs associated with this game and the motivation behind its installation. Zinke claimed that installing this hunting game was “celebrating conservation.” In reality, conservation seems to be the least of his concerns and he’s displayed outright contempt for the environment by favoring corporations.

To find out more, we’re seeking the staff emails and communication that went into this decision, who approved it, where the money came from, and how much it cost. And given the amount of time that Zinke appears to have spent playing the game since its installation, we’re also asking for the high scores.

Part of Investigation: