Outside Interference in New Hampshire Redistricting Reform

American Oversight is advocating for transparency surrounding New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu’s decision to veto the creation of an independent redistricting commission.
New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu in 2017

In New Hampshire, a 2019 bill calling for the creation of an independent redistricting commission — a widely supported method to prevent partisan gerrymandering — was passed by the state legislature with bipartisan support. However, Gov. Chris Sununu unexpectedly vetoed it when it reached his desk.

Notably, former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is now fighting efforts to expand ballot access across the country, was publicly active in New Hampshire at the eleventh hour. American Oversight is co-counsel on a New Hampshire resident’s open records lawsuit for the governor’s communications with groups known to be working to restrict voting rights and to promote partisan redistricting, including the American Legislative Exchange Council and the National Republican Redistricting Trust. Although the governor’s office rejected this request, we will continue to advocate for transparency on this issue.