From the coronavirus pandemic response to voter suppression to President Trump’s abuse of his office, American Oversight has more than a hundred active open records investigations spanning federal, state, and local government agencies. Explore our major areas of investigation, search the archive, or filter by topic to find out more about specific investigations.

Attacks on LGBTQ Rights

A national rise in anti-LGBTQ legislation is threatening the rights of millions of people. American Oversight is seeking public records that shed light on the actions of state leaders who…

The Constitutional Sheriffs Movement and Election Denial

Election-denial activists have encouraged “constitutional sheriffs” to bolster partisan election investigations and further undermine faith in U.S. democracy. American Oversight is investigating the movement and its adherents’ ties to election…

Right-Wing Attacks on Education and Student Expression

Led by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, conservatives and Republican state leaders are attempting to prevent students from learning about race or gender through censorship, restrictions, and right-wing indoctrination.