Newsletter: The Anti-Democratic Push to Allow Officials to Refuse to Certify Elections

The election denial movement is deploying a variety of tactics aimed at undermining our democracy in advance of this year’s election. One such tactic can be seen in the sprawling effort to allow election officials to refuse to certify results.

Last month, a Fulton County, Ga., election board member filed a lawsuitbacked by the Trump-aligned America First Policy Institute — that argues county election board members should be allowed to reject the certification of elections at their own discretion.

  • The GOP-appointed member, Julie Adams, abstained from voting on the certification of the county’s May 21 election, with the other four board members certifying the results
  • Adams alleges in the suit that she was denied access to records she claims she needed to certify the vote, including digital images of ballots, information about voting machine companies, and lists of returned absentee ballots.
  • Adams, as reported last week by the Guardian, is a member of the Election Integrity Network, an voter-fraud activist network founded by prominent election denier and Trump ally Cleta Mitchell.

The situation in Fulton County is one of many such efforts aimed at using the power of local election officials to undermine results. Experts have pointed out the danger of these methods being used to subvert elections that don’t go the way those officials — or those influencing them — want.

American Oversight has been investigating the network of activists and groups pushing false theories of election fraud to foster mistrust in the democratic process.

Other stories we noted this week include the following:

  • The city council of Amarillo, Texas, rejected an abortion travel ban after residents, backed by anti-abortion rights activist Mark Lee Dickson, petitioned for the council to reconsider the proposal. Read our article on the issue of abortion travel bans and the documents we’ve obtained in our investigation.
  • Jim Troupis, an attorney who represented former President Trump in 2020 election lawsuits in Wisconsin, was suspended from a state judicial advisory panel following charges against him for his role in the post-2020 election fake electors scheme. Read our newsletter from last week to learn more about the charges that were filed by the Wisconsin attorney general against Troupis and two other Trump allies, Kenneth Chesebro and Mike Roman.

On the Records

A Far-Right Legal Group’s Ties to the Texas AG’s Office
America First Legal — a group run by Trump administration alumni Stephen Miller and Gene Hamilton — is providing legal assistance to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for free, per a contract obtained by Law Dork

  • We obtained a similar contract between America First Legal and Paxton’s office from 2021. AFL agreed to represent Texas for cases related to the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Public Health Service Act of 1944, and the Administrative Procedures Act.
  • We also obtained a pro bono agreement from 2021 in which AFL agreed to represent the Louisiana Department of Justice for litigation related to federal immigration policies and “other matters as determined by the Attorney General.”

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