Topic: Civil Rights

News Roundup: Congressional Hearing on Arizona ‘Audit’; Lawsuit Against Wisconsin Assembly; and New Report on Trump’s DOJ Pressure Campaign

October 8, 2021
Arizona’s bogus election review continues to have far-reaching, democracy-undermining effects in Texas, Wisconsin, and elsewhere.

Order: American Oversight v. Brad Raffensperger – Records Related to Elections

October 1, 2021
Order from the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia, in American Oversight's ongoing lawsuit regarding the release of public records related to Georgia elections. American Oversight is seeking to depose Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger regarding his involvement in his office's pattern of stonewalling open records requests. The court denied Raffensperger's request to limit the scope of discovery in the case, but said that it would not rule on whether American Oversight may depose Raffensperger until other depositions have been completed.

News Roundup: The Arizona ‘Audit’ Was — and Still Is — a Dangerous Political Stunt

September 24, 2021
From the beginning, the “audit” was a sham process designed to provide a pretext for restricting voter access.

From Voter-Fraud Myths to Bogus Election Audits: The Evolution of the Big Lie

September 13, 2021
On Monday, American Oversight published an in-depth look at the "Big Lie" and the decades-long campaign by conservative activists and lawmakers to hype up the threat of voter fraud.

News Roundup: A Web of (Big) Lies

September 10, 2021
As lawmakers in various states move forward with their own sham election investigations, a web of familiar voter-fraud conspiracists have been linking up to promote the Big Lie.

News Roundup: The Big Lie’s Infiltration of State Governments

September 3, 2021
On Tuesday, the Arizona Senate released tens of thousands of pages of records related to its partisan election "audit."

News Roundup: Transparency Is Coming, Even Amid ‘Audit’ Report Delays

August 27, 2021
As the Arizona Senate continues its efforts to delay transparency in its election "audit," its contractors have introduced yet more delays of their own.

Justice Department Releases Former AG Barr’s Text Messages Sought in American Oversight Lawsuit

August 25, 2021
The records include communications related to the Trump administration’s response to last summer’s racial justice protests.

News Roundup: Victories for Transparency and Preparations for Disinformation

August 20, 2021
As the "audit" has dragged on for months, the Arizona Senate has resisted transparency about the operation.

News Roundup: Sham Audit, Sham Findings

July 22, 2021
Officials involved in the Arizona Senate's partisan election "audit" have said they still need more information before they can complete it. They also introduced new baseless allegations.