Topic: Government Transparency

News Roundup: A Coordinated Coup Attempt

January 14, 2022
We’ve written a lot about the Big Lie’s evolution — from fear-mongering about voter fraud to the attempts to subvert the 2020 election, to the ongoing partisan election reviews — and the network of activists who have been keeping this anti-democratic movement alive.

Rejection from South Dakota Office of the Governor Regarding Records of Gifts Given to Gov. Noem

January 10, 2022
The South Dakota Office of the Governor rejected American Oversight's request seeking records of gifts given to Gov. Kristi Noem.

Records Request to Texas Office of the Governor Seeking Gov. Abbott’s Personal Email Communications

January 7, 2022
Public records request to the Texas Office of the Governor seeking Gov. Greg Abbott's communications sent from a non-governmental email address, as well as any emails sent to his government address.

News Roundup: Fighting for Our Democracy — and Winning

January 6, 2022
Accountability is more important than ever in ensuring our elections remain free and fair, and that our democracy withstands these attacks.

Investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol Attack: One Year Later

January 6, 2022
There are still many unanswered questions about that dark day for U.S. democracy. Here is a look at what we’ve uncovered through public records requests and litigation, as well as what we’re still seeking to learn.

News Roundup: What We’ve Learned This Year

December 23, 2021
From the disturbing violence of Jan. 6 to the ongoing efforts to restrict voting and cast doubt on the integrity of the 2020 election, 2021 has shown us just how fragile our democracy is.

Emails Show Industry Influence on Florida Cruise Ship Preemption Bill

December 17, 2021
Cruise industry lobbyists were heavily involved in crafting a bill that prevents Florida municipalities from placing restrictions, including those related to public health measures, on cruise ships docking at their ports.

News Roundup: Presidential Coups and Election Reviews

December 17, 2021
New and alarming details about the involvement of key figures — from members of Congress to Kanye West — in former President Donald Trump’s bid to overturn a free and fair election have continued to trickle out over the last week.

News Roundup: The Jan. 6 Committee and Mark Meadows, and the Latest in the Wisconsin Election Investigation

December 10, 2021
The Wisconsin election investigation continues to show its partisan and anti-democratic colors, while former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows takes an accountability-dodging page out of his old boss’s playbook. Here’s the latest news on threats to U.S. democracy — and how American Oversight is fighting to expose them.

Records Request to South Dakota Office of the Governor Seeking Records of Gifts Given to Gov. Noem

December 7, 2021
Records request to the South Dakota Office of the Governor seeking records of gifts given to Gov. Kristi Noem.