Trump Accountability

The four years of the Trump administration brought unprecedented corruption, misconduct, and abuse of office to all levels of the federal government — from the Ukraine scandal and family separation to the influence of industry lobbyists in rewriting environmental and safety regulations. American Oversight is continuing to unearth the facts to hold all those involved accountable.

New Congressional Report: Trump Businesses Received $7.8 Million from Foreign Governments During His Presidency

American Oversight’s investigations have uncovered numerous examples of taxpayer money going to his private businesses.


In the Documents: Witnesses for John Eastman’s Disciplinary Trial

Several potential witnesses for Eastman in his disciplinary trial, which began June 20, are part of a nationwide network of election deniers who have sought to undermine confidence in U.S.…


Active Investigations

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The Failed Texas Lawsuit Challenging 2020 Election Results

Campaigns, Government Transparency, Voting Rights, Abuse of Power, Influence & Access, Voting Rights

Political Interference at the U.S. Postal Service

Business and Economic Policy, Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Abuse of Power, Coronavirus Response, Influence & Access, Policy & Regulations

Conditions in Migrant Detention Centers

Civil Rights, Immigration, Abuse of Power, Influence & Access, Policy & Regulations

Trump’s Post-Impeachment Authoritarian Purges

National Security & Foreign Policy, Abuse of Power, Influence & Access

Georgia’s Voting Machines and Election Security

Business and Economic Policy, Voting Rights, Influence & Access

State Government Contacts with Voting-Restriction Activists

Voting Rights, Influence & Access

Stephen Miller’s Influence on Immigration Policy — and Throughout the Administration

Immigration, Influence & Access, Political Appointees

Elaine Chao’s Family Business and Kentucky Favoritism

Business and Economic Policy, Ethics & Conflicts, Influence & Access, Political Appointees

Ivanka Trump’s and Jared Kushner’s Roles in the Administration

Ethics & Conflicts, Influence & Access, Political Appointees

Dunlap v. PACEI: Investigating the Voter Fraud Commission

Government Transparency, Voting Rights, Influence & Access

Questionable $300 Million Puerto Rico Contract for Zinke-Linked Company

Environment & Energy, Ethics & Conflicts, Influence & Access, Misconduct

Gun Lobby Influence On Responses to Mass Shootings

Influence & Access

The Trump Administration’s Response to the Opioid Epidemic

Health Care, Influence & Access, Policy & Regulations

Audit the Wall

Environment & Energy, Immigration, Influence & Access, Policy & Regulations

Tax Reform: Uncovering the Backroom Deals

Business and Economic Policy, Influence & Access, Policy & Regulations

Trump’s Mismanagement of North American Trade Negotiations

Business and Economic Policy, Consumer and Worker Protections, Influence & Access, Policy & Regulations

Insider Access at the Department of Education

Education, Influence & Access, Policy & Regulations

EPA’s Chemical Industry Agenda

Environment & Energy, Influence & Access, Policy & Regulations