Arizona Supreme Court Effectively Upholds Rulings Determining Cyber Ninjas ‘Audit’ Records Are Public

The court’s decision dissolves the stay on a state judge’s order that the Arizona Senate produce documents held in the physical custody of election “audit” contractor Cyber Ninjas.
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News Roundup: Sham Wisconsin Election Investigation Has Rough Couple Weeks

October 15, 2021
The partisan election investigation currently underway in Wisconsin has had a bumpy couple of weeks, thanks to a series of missteps by the attorney leading the review and confusion surrounding recent subpoenas issued to various county and city officials.

American Oversight Sues Justice Department for Records Related to Attempts to Overturn 2020 Election

October 13, 2021
American Oversight’s lawsuit seeks the release of records related to former President Trump’s efforts to pressure top department officials to back his baseless voter-fraud claims.
Jeffery Rosen, Donald Trump and Jeffery Clark in front of a torn stack of ballots and the scales of justice.

House Pandemic Subcommittee Obtains Evidence of Trump White House Involvement in Controversial CARES Act Loan

October 13, 2021
Citing supporting documents obtained by American Oversight, the subcommittee released new evidence that the White House may have played a direct role in helping a trucking company secure a massive pandemic loan.
Line of YRC trucks behind a hand grasping for money. Coronavirus in the background.

Covid-19 Oversight News: 2021’s Death Toll, Private-Sector Bailouts, and Scrutiny of Trucking Company’s Pandemic Loan

October 12, 2021
American Oversight’s Covid-19 Oversight Hub provides news and policy resources to help you keep track of investigations into the government’s pandemic response. The project brings together a public documents database, an oversight tracker of important ongoing investigations and litigation, regular news updates, and deeper dives into key issues.

Court Orders Wisconsin Assembly to ‘Immediately’ Release Records from Election Investigation or Show Cause

October 8, 2021
In the order, the judge wrote that it appears Vos and the Assembly had “unjustifiably withheld and refused to release the contractor records to which the Petitioner is entitled,”

News Roundup: Congressional Hearing on Arizona ‘Audit’; Lawsuit Against Wisconsin Assembly; and New Report on Trump’s DOJ Pressure Campaign

October 8, 2021
Arizona’s bogus election review continues to have far-reaching, democracy-undermining effects in Texas, Wisconsin, and elsewhere.

American Oversight Sues Wisconsin Assembly, Speaker Vos for Election ‘Investigation’ Records

October 8, 2021
The Assembly has failed to release documents related to its baseless and partisan investigation of the 2020 election, including records from hired contractors.

American Oversight Launches Investigation into Texas Election ‘Audit’

October 6, 2021
“As we’ve seen in Arizona, these phony audits have nothing to do with election security and are intended to perpetuate false claims of voter fraud to justify new restrictions on voting,” said American Oversight's executive director.

In Emails, Jeff Sessions Praised ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Policy That Separated Migrant Families

October 6, 2021
American Oversight obtained emails sent in June 2018 in which then-Attorney General Sessions praised the policy’s results and discussed religious justifications for one of the Trump administration’s cruelest anti-immigration measures.