Defense Department and Army Failed to Preserve Jan. 6 Text Messages — American Oversight Calls for Investigation

In response to American Oversight’s litigation, the Defense Department and the Army have confirmed in court filings that the phones of certain former senior Trump administration officials had been wiped — and that any text messages from Jan. 6, 2021, were not preserved.
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American Oversight Publishes Report of Findings from Investigation of Partisan Wisconsin Election Review

October 4, 2022
On Tuesday, American Oversight released an in-depth report on its findings from its multiple public records lawsuits and investigation of Michael Gableman’s problematic election inquiry.

National Archives Withholding Over 1,000 Pages of Records Related to Mar-A-Lago Documents Seizure

October 3, 2022
In a cover letter accompanying the release of 65 pages of records, which were released in response to American Oversight’s lawsuit and other requests, the agency said it is withholding more than 1,000 pages of records for reasons related to ongoing law enforcement investigations.

In the Documents: Virginia Department of Education Emails about Anti-Critical Race Theory Executive Order

October 3, 2022
Records obtained by American Oversight show state officials fielding complaints from right-wing activists, as well as emails illustrating the confusion brought by the Gov. Youngkin’s ill-defined executive order.

News Roundup: Following the Digital Paper Trail

September 30, 2022
From the Pentagon’s deleted Jan. 6 text messages to new information about top Trump officials’ efforts to overturn the election, this week underscored the importance of following the digital paper trail.

In the Documents: Florida Gov. DeSantis’ Meetings with Election Conspiracy Group

September 27, 2022
DeSantis’ office met multiple times with a right-wing group whose co-founder promoted an Islamophobic conspiracy theory about an election worker, according to documents obtained by American Oversight and reported on by CNN.

News Roundup: Electoral Count Act, Trump Investigations, and Lawsuit Against SD Governor

September 23, 2022
Former President Trump is facing an unprecedented array of investigations, with some major developments shaping the news this week.

American Oversight Sues South Dakota Governor for Records of Noem’s Expenses

September 20, 2022
The lawsuit seeks information related to Noem’s travel expenses as well as any legal costs from the alleged forced retirement of a state employee.
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News Roundup: A Cruel and Cynical Stunt

September 16, 2022
The vilification of immigrants has reached new and cynical depths this week amid two stunts by right wing governors that used migrants as political pawns.

News Roundup: More Revelations about Attacks on Voting Rights

September 9, 2022
News in multiple states revealed further examples of the partisan effort to undermine public confidence in elections and restrict voting rights.