OSC Opens Case File in Response to American Oversight’s Pompeo Hatch Act Complaint

Pompeo's rush to release Clinton emails before Election Day appears to violate the Hatch Act, and career State Department employees may be at risk.
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CDC Releases Hundreds of Pages of Records in American Oversight Lawsuit

October 30, 2020
On Friday, the CDC released more than 700 pages of records sought by American Oversight in our lawsuit for the pandemic-related communications of top officials.

More Documents from Washington State During Early Months of Pandemic Reveal Confusion, Poor Coordination

October 30, 2020
American Oversight has obtained additional records that add to the picture of poor coordination on the part of federal agencies during the early months of the pandemic.

News Roundup: Out of Control

October 30, 2020
The pandemic continues to hit new case records, and the Trump administration is finding new ways to flout longstanding ethics requirements.

Open Questions About Trump Administration Policies

October 29, 2020
The tragically botched pandemic response and devastating practice of separating immigrant families are just some of the Trump administration’s actions that bear further scrutiny.

Open Questions About Trump Administration Figures

October 27, 2020
From worrisome conflicts of interest to misconduct and undue influence there is still a lot that Americans don’t know about White House and cabinet officials.

Investigations Update: Poll Watchers, Vaccine Communications, and Continued Political Interference in Pandemic Response

October 27, 2020
See the latest in our investigations into state elections operations, political interference in the pandemic response, and the executive order to cease federal diversity and inclusion training.

Covid-19 Oversight News: FDA Resistance, CDC Guidelines, and Avoidable Tragedy

October 26, 2020
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Georgia’s Secretary of State Releases Records in Response to American Oversight’s Lawsuit

October 24, 2020
The office finally released thousands of pages of records related to the state’s voter fraud task force, election preparedness, and communications with political campaigns and proponents of voting restrictions.

Georgia Officials Confirm: Voting by Mail Is Secure, Accurate

October 24, 2020
Documents obtained by American Oversight reveal that in private, Georgia's secretary of state’s office admitted that “systematic checks stop double voting from happening, and those checks appear to be largely working as intended.”