Inside the Documents: Ben Carson Jr’s HUD Emails

The documents we obtained revealed how Ben Jr. used his special access to play matchmaker between his business contacts in the city and his powerful father.
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Lawsuit Seeks Scott Pruitt and Nino Perrotta Travel and Security Spending Records

April 17, 2018
New lawsuit asks the court to order EPA to release records including waivers authorizing Pruitt and Perrotta to spend taxpayer funds on first class plane tickets, along with any communications between Perrotta and his business partner, Edwin Steinmetz, a private security consultant to whom Perrotta steered a $3,000 federal contract to "sweep" Pruitt's office for listening devices.

Current Litigation – Enforcing Our Right to Public Information

April 17, 2018
American Oversight has filed over 40 lawsuits against the Trump administration, suing to enforce our own requests for information as well as representing other plaintiffs.

Statement On Scott Pruitt’s Illegal Spending Spree

April 16, 2018
American Oversight released the following statement after the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt broke federal spending laws when he spent $43,000 to install a soundproof phone booth in his office.

Pruitt Investigation Update: Lobbyists, Condos, and Secret Phone Booths

April 11, 2018
Scott Pruitt has been in the headlines lately for an increasingly outrageous series of scandals – ranging from his $50 a night lobbyist condo to wasting millions on travel and excessive security. American Oversight has been investigating Pruitt’s questionable management of the agency for more than a year, requesting documents to expose the unethical ways that he has run the EPA.

Update – Pattern and Practice Lawsuit: Fighting EPA’s Incorrect FOIA Denials

April 10, 2018
American Oversight today filed a motion for summary judgment in our case against the EPA over the agency’s practice of wrongly rejecting Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. We’re asking the court to order the EPA to stop its pattern of denying FOIA requests it would rather not respond to by claiming the requests aren’t “reasonably described.”

Welcome to Your First Day of Work, John Bolton

April 9, 2018
American Oversight filed four Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to uncover John Bolton’s past influence at the State Department. American Oversight’s FOIA requests come on Bolton’s first day as President Trump’s National Security Advisor.
National Security Advisor John Bolton

Watchdog Sues HUD for Communications with Armstrong Williams and Sinclair Broadcast Group

April 9, 2018
American Oversight's lawsuit against the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to compel the release of records related to HUD's communications with conservative media personality Armstrong Williams and Sinclair Broadcast Group.

New: EPA Documents Show Details of Pruitt Office Renovations

April 6, 2018
New expense documents uncovered by American Oversight show details of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's office renovations - including detailed invoices for his biometric locks and secret phone booth.

New Lawsuit Seeks Records of Trump Cabinet Air Travel on Government Jets

April 6, 2018
American Oversight today filed a lawsuit to uncover records of senior Trump administration officials’ use of taxpayer-funded travel on government-owned aircraft.