American Oversight Statement on Resignation of OGE Director Shaub

American Oversight Executive Director Austin Evers released the following statement in response to reports that Walter Shaub, the Director of the Office of Government Ethics (OGE), planned to resign:

“Faced with the White House’s unprecedented disregard for ethical rules and precedents, Director Shaub fought to enforce the law and the public has been fortunate he was at the helm during this challenging period.

“During his tenure, Director Shaub raised serious concerns about corruption and self-dealing within the Trump administration. Given President Trump’s track record of ethically challenged appointees, it’s my fear that the administration will try to defang this watchdog. It is time for Congress, and particularly Representative Gowdy, to investigate these concerns and to use its constitutional authorities to ensure the next OGE director is as independent and dogged as Mr. Shaub.”